My Bills
Your Bill Inbox presents the bills you received online. Select the bills you want to pay and click "Schedule payments." For bills received in the mail or to make any other payment, access the Make Payments page. To view scheduled and in process payments go to your Payment Outbox.

Bill Inbox
  DueReceived FromMinimum DueTotal Due  
04/21/2014Mayo Clinic  3562.643562.64View bill  •  File
04/21/2014Target  84.3684.36View bill  •  File
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Payment Outbox
Send OnSend ToPay FromConfirm NumberAmount  
04/18/2014123 Office Supplies  My Account, *3456  SBQ9UDUK  1440.00
In-Process •  View Payment
04/25/2014Cox Communications  My Account, *3456  FB99PDUK  31.24 View Payment  • Edit • Cancel
04/25/2014City Public Service  My Account, *3456  XB99PDUK  178.12 View Payment  • Edit • Cancel
04/25/2014DirecTV  My Account, *3456  HB99PDUK  60.99 View Payment  • Edit • Cancel

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